Mixing blunder causes spotted bread

POSTED: 01/17/12 12:21 PM
The red and orange spots in this loaf of bread produced by Carls and Sons Bakery were caused by a mixing blunder. 

St. Maarten – Managing Director of Carls and Sons Bakery Carl Housen says red and orange spots consumers spotted in their bread last week is the result of a mixing blunder. The company is experimenting with new flour from Guadeloupe and an ‘egg shade’ that is used to lightly color the dough. Staffers placed the egg shade in the dough before it completely dissolved and that led to the concentrated spots in the center of the bread.
Public Health Inspector Andy Peterson, who’d bough the loaf of bread last Wednesday, is one of the consumers who bought the spotted bread and raised questions about it. He, like others, thought it might be some kind of fungus.
“When I saw it, I immediately told my wife don’t use it…but the possibility exists that it could have been food dye. I did not take any chances though. The bakery needs to have more control during the production process,” Peterson said.
Housen became aware of the error on Wednesday after the stock had shipped and immediately met staff to discuss what could have gone wrong. Based on that discussion they decided to mix the very grainy egg shade with water so it will dissolve before they mix it with their dough.
The experiments with different products are part of a process several months to find cheaper base products for the bread. At the moment the bakery is using 40 bags of 100 pound flour per day in its production. At the local price of $55 per bag the cost for flour alone is $2, 200. This has led to a decision to source flour from another supplier.
“We are trying our best to keep costs down but it has become very costly for us to run this operation, suppliers are no longer crediting…it cost more than twenty thousand dollars to import a container of flour bi-weekly. I have GEBE threatening me, suppliers need money, staff to be paid and bread still a controlled item but I would never try to undermine the customer,” Housen said.

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