Miss St. Maarten Davinia Brooks becomes Be The Change-member

POSTED: 06/5/13 12:05 PM

DaviniaSt. Maarten – Senior Carnival Queen 2013 and Miss St. Maarten Davinia Brooks has praised the Be The Change Foundation for its incredible initiative, pledged to become a member and urged the public to follow-suit.

Davinia, who will be volunteering her time to various organizations during her reign, views Be The Change as one of the most significant organizations to come on the scene in the last few years.

With the potential to involve everyone in small yet meaningful ways to assist worthwhile causes, Davinia says Be The Change is perfect for people who have good hearts and have always been willing to help but could never find the time to do so.

“For as little as $1 a month, you can assist whichever worthwhile cause Be The Change will be supporting in any given month. So in essence you will be assisting 12 causes for the year. I think this is an incredible initiative by young St. Maarteners and I’m so proud to be becoming a member,” Davinia said.

The 2013 Queen will place a standing order at her bank so that a particular amount will go from her salary to Be The Change and then on to the monthly cause. For the month of June, Be The Change will be assisting the group Voices with an Emancipation Day event on July 1.

Be The Change Foundation is a charity fundraising website that assists St. Maarten non-profit organizations with raising money needed for a particular cause while also promoting the mission and objectives of that non-governmental organization.

The goal is to generate membership by encouraging citizens to sign onto the donation program where they can support by giving as little as $1 per month. As a collective effort by making every dollar count, the funds are pooled throughout the month and disbursed at the end of a month to a needy project or cause.

“You can give more than $1 of course but just imagine if 1,000 or more people become members and give, for example, $5 or more. It all adds up to a great contribution to worthy causes. I encourage everyone to visit www.bethechangesxm.comread about the foundation and how to become a member and support it full force. Be the change we’re always talking about,” Davinia said.



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