Miss Caraibes Hibiscus contestants begin arriving

POSTED: 11/28/12 2:19 PM

St. Maarten – For the next two weeks, beauty, grace and pageantry will take center stage on both sides of the island when the 20 contestants vying for the prestigious prize in the 22nd annual Miss Caraibes Hibiscus go about their daily routines which includes making courtesy calls.

Twenty year old Stephanie Fraites, will be aiming to represent St Maarten to the best of her abilities from the bevy of beautiful ladies, some of whom have competed at extremely high levels.

While it will be the last walk on stage for Olivia Pinheiro, the reigning queen from Bolivia, on December 8 at the Casino Royale, it will be the beginning for another. Along with the outward appearances of the individual contestants comes intellect, stage presence and the ability to captivate the audience, but it will up to the panel of judges at the end of the night.

The participating countries are Antigua & Barbuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cayman Islands, Ecuadore, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyane, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Panama, Republic of Dominicana, Suriname, St Barths, St Maarten, USA and Venezuela.

The contestants are as follows, Katherine Gonzales, Dominican Republic age 20, Kiana Rodriguez, Puerto Rico, age 22, Mahalia Seymour, Cayman Islands, age 18, Mileidys Tarra Barrios, Venezuela age 24, Debora Marlene Ravenberg, Suriname age 21, Jade Maithe Juraver Greaux, St Barths age 18, Carol Luce, Martinique age 19, Shakira Martin, Jamaica age 25, Careen Vertus, Haiti age 20, Nancy Martinez, Guatemala, age 21, Tatiana Torres Rojas, Ecuador, age 25, Kessia Dos Santos Cortez, Brazil age 21, Ramala Justiniano Saucedo, Bolivia age 25, Ranee Laronde, Antigua & Barbuda age 21, Marelissa Him Batancourt, Panama age 24,  Alvina Plunket, French Guyane, age 22, Nekia Edwards, USA age 21, Melissa Carolina Varon, Colombia, Elody Pradel from Guadeloupe, Ovidio Sanabria from Paraguay and last but not least, Miss Fraites from sunny St Maarten..


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