Ministry promotes rights of the worker

POSTED: 03/21/14 7:45 PM

St. Maarten – Policy advisor Nikima Groeneveldt-Hickinson presented brochures and a poster depicting the rights of the workers in St. Maarten yesterday morning in the A.C. Wathey Legislative Hall, in the presence of Labor Minister Cornelius de Weever, the head of the labor department Peggy Ann Dros and policy advisor Martin Holtermann-Hodge.

The poster and the brochures are a first for St. Maarten. To reach as many employees as possible, the text is available not only in English but also in Creole and Spanish.

Under the heading Fundamental Rights of the Worker, the brochure and the poster mention twelve points like the right to fair access to the labor market, the right to equality and the right to an employment contract. Other rights are those to decent work, to a pay slip, overtime compensation and medical coverage.

Employees are further entitles to unionize and they have the right to free legal counsel, and to severance pay in case they are wrongfully dismissed.

The ministry adds to these rights two prohibitions: they concern all forms of child labor and all forms of forced labor.

The brochure is available at all agencies of the Ministry of Public Health, Social Affairs and Labor, at labor unions, the chamber of commerce and the hospitality and trade association SHTA.

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