Ministry awaits grades of scholarships students

POSTED: 09/3/12 10:30 PM

St. Maarten – Study financing students in the Netherlands in particular have been given until Friday to submit their annual grades and transcripts or face suspension of their financing.
“We do not want this to happen so please be diligent in sending in this information to S4 as soon as possible. We really do not want to be forced to suspend anyone’s study financing,” Education Minister Silveria Jacobs said on Wednesday.
She urged parents and those in contact with tertiary students in the Netherlands to remind the errant group of their responsibilities.
Annually, the deadline for submitting grades and transcripts for all scholarship students globally is July 5. Thus far, 80 percent of the students have done so but the outstanding 20 percent are concentrated in Holland.
The minister also spoke about a new information management system that was commissioned since August of last year for schools and school boards. The Academic Management Information System (AMIS) is a tracking system that will be offered to schools at a special price by a local software company.
“Once AMIS is operational it will be able to offer schools a user friendly way to provide information to government. This new way of data collection will replace the cumbersome process of creating and sending in paper documents like the monthly and quarterly reports,” the minister assured.

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