Ministries may soon pay own rent

POSTED: 02/29/12 2:03 PM

St. Maarten – Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams has not ruled out having each ministry directly pay the rent for the buildings their departments occupy. This will be done based on the outcome of an evaluation of how the government organization functions and whether certain organizational premises are still valid.

The revelation is a reply to the question of why rent for all buildings occupied by government all falls under the budget of the Department of Facility Services.

In reply Wescot-Williams said, “As per 10-10-10 the “Landsverordening organisatie en inrichting overheid” entered in to force. This ordinance together with the “Organisatiebesluit Algemene Zaken” continued and maintained (and even expanded) the responsibilities of Facility Services (FZ) as developed when St. Maarten was an island territory. This is the reason why the expenditures for leasing of buildings are being administered under the budget managed by the Department of Facility Services of the Ministry of General Affairs.”

Later she’d add, “However, after almost a year and a half of country status there is a need to evaluate the functioning of the organization and evaluate if the premises on which certain aspects of the organization are based are still valid. In this respect, it is not excluded that in the near future the lease of buildings will be on the budget of the individual ministries. If that will be the case, the role of “FZ” will be adjusted to the new situation.”

The prime minister also announced in the answers that parliament will directly all pay its own rent in due time.

“The building of Parliament is temporarily included in the budget of Facility Services. Based on the “Comptabiliteitslandsverordening” the budget of Parliament and the “HCoS” need to be separated from the budget of General Affairs. This will be done in due time,” Wescot-Williams states.

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