“Ministers use company to finance pet projects”

POSTED: 01/14/14 12:46 PM

NA-leader Marlin says harbor will buy Emilio Wilson Estate

St. Maarten – National Alliance leader William Marlin severely criticized the way the government and the Harbor Group of Companies are dealing with the dividend policy and with the intention to let the harbor buy the Emilio Wilson Estate for 30 million guilders.

“There was a signed agreement between the previous government and Henri Brookson about the purchase of the Emilio Wilson estate,” Marlin said. “Before that there was an agreement with Rain Forest but that plan did not go through. The government says that it is not a good idea to finance the purchase in the 2014 budget and now we hear it will be purchased by the harbor that says it cannot pay dividend to the government because it is not making a profit. That same harbor is now scheduled to buy the Emilio Wilson Estate for 30 million guilders ($17 million) and use a real estate company that will get 6 percent off the deal.”

Marlin said that the harbor ought to pay dividend so that the government could decide what to do with the money. “Now there is no dividend and one of us will whisper in their ears how to spend it. This way ministers continue to use government-owned companies to finance their pet-projects.”

Marlin asked a number of questions about line items in the budget, like the increase in representation costs for the parliament from 30,000 to 200,000 guilders this year, increases in costs for goods and services, overtime and pensions for former politicians.

Marlin also had a comment can i buy valium in hong kong that was clearly directed at Vromi-Minister Maurice Lake who has repeatedly criticized decisions by his predecessor Marlin and even described them as irresponsible. “Certain ministers seem to blame previous ministers for everything that went wrong and take credit for what went right.”

Marlin said that he had not been able to peruse the draft budget extensively because he had not been able to open the copy he received by email. He addressed the decision by the cabinet to cut the salaries of all ministers by 30,000 guilders not with outright criticism, but with questions about how this will be arranged. ‘Salaries are set by law,” he pointed out. “You cannot just increase them. Does this amendment of the salaries require a change of the law?”

Marlin furthermore inquired whether the salary cut only affects ministers or also employees at the different ministries. “This comes over as a noble initiative,” he conceded. “The ministers seem to be leading by example. I am asking to give the public an outline of what the intention is. I want to be sure that this is not like helping ourselves to one of our own cigars.”

Marlin also asked what the effect of the salary cuts would be on the net income for the ministers.

The NA-leader also brought up the matter of debt relief. “The previous government decided to go to court with it,” he said. “A law firm in The Hague was to be approached to handle this. Is this government going to execute that decision or has it been shelved?”

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