Ministers are indecisive, Minister Lake says

POSTED: 08/25/14 10:58 PM

St. Maarten – V.R.O.M.I. Minister Maurice Lake says the indecisiveness within the Council of Ministers is costing government money and sending the wrong message to the youth.

“A case in point is Denicio Richardson, former Head of Postal Services St. Maarten, a national company providing services to the community. This young gentleman has been taken to court by government four times, and during the last case the judge ruled in his favor,” Lake stated in a press release. “I am a part of government, but the postal services fall under the minister of General Affairs who is also the prime minister. I have learnt a lot from being part of government during the past 12 months, and we need to bring forth a new way of doing things and how the people are treated.”

Lake wonders about the message the government is sending to young professionals.  “Government took Denicio to court because he was fighting for his rights.  He could not afford a lawyer anymore and represented himself in court. The government used taxpayer’s money to fight the young professional who went away to study and return home to serve his country. And this is the way we treat young professionals?”

Lake stated that the system is broken and that it needs to change. “We need to spend taxpayer’s money to shape and run the country in a sustainable manner to help the people, not run our young professionals out who want to contribute and make a difference and build our community.”

“The Vorst Cay Hill property is another example of where certain members in the Council of Ministers were indecisive,” Lake continued.  “The judge ruled that government has to pay the land owners for the property. This court case could have been avoided but due to indecisiveness in the Council, the judge had to make the decision. That is a pity. Country Sint Maarten will not move forward when you have indecisiveness in government, people who are afraid to make a decision.”


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