Minister Tuitt will pursue debt relief payments

POSTED: 09/6/12 1:03 PM

St. Maarten – Finance Minister Roland Tuitt is crying foul over the statements made by Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Minister Liesbeth Spies that the door for St.Maarten to receive debt relief has now closed. St.Maarten forfeited its rights to receive the entire 183 million guilder payment because it could not present undisputed SOAB verified financial statements that extensive debts existed.
During yesterday’s Council of Ministers press briefing, Tuitt said that the government would still push to speak with a new government that will take office after the September 12 elections in the Netherlands.
Tuitt appeared convinced that St.Maarten was not treated fairly in the whole matter and that the debt relief program did not meet its goals.
“Not one creditor on the island benefitted from the debt relief program, so the debt relief program did not meet its target and it did not meet its goal. The goal of the debt relief was to give all of the new countries within the Kingdom a new start. If you have a program and the program did not accomplish the goals as you set out to do, that means that the program did not meet its goals,” Tuitt reasoned.
The finance minister added that “There was some 180 million available for St. Maarten because of certain technicalities St.Maarten was not able to prepare all of the documentation to attain the 120 million because 65.5 million was paid to the pension fund. That was the only organization that benefitted from the debt relief program.”
All of the outstanding bills that St.Maarten had before December 31, 2005 were not properly documented.
“If you have a problem like that, it is reasonable to solve it by dividing the debt in the portion that is properly documented, the portion that is partially documented and the portion that is completely not documented. This was not done. That is one strategy that we can use now to still try to access those funds,” Tuitt said.
He reiterated that St.Maarten could not be compared with Curacao who had all of its institutions and systems in place before October 10, 2010.
“The debt parameters that we are in is the same that Curacao has, who is already built up. It is not fair to Country St.Maarten because you expect it. It can never work, I could never win the race,” Tuitt said.

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