Minister Spies during budget debate – “St. Maarten performs better than Curacao

POSTED: 10/31/12 12:08 PM

St. Maarten / THE HAGUE – St. Maarten is performing better than Curacao as an autonomous Outgoing Minister Liesbeth Spies made that clear during the handling of the 2013 budget for Kingdom relations.
Before 10-10-10, the date when both islands obtained their autonomy, the Dutch Parliament was optimistic about Curacao and full of doubt about St. Maarten’s ability to handle its own affairs. But the opposite turns out to be true.
“”The cooperation with Curacao and St. Maarten is in the making, to formulate it neutrally,” Minister Spies (Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations) said. “The cooperation between the Netherlands and St. Maarten and the one between Curacao and the Netherlands are of a totally different nature. We are calling each other explicitly on the responsibilities we have accepted since the change of the Kingdom Charter. This means that Curacao in the meantime has received an instruction.”
“As far as St. Maarten is concerned the board for financial supervision Cft and the progress committee note that in different areas noticeable and visible steps are made in the right direction. This summer we have decided to prolong the General Measure of Kingdom Administration for
Curacao and for St. Maarten. The plans of approach fall under this measure.
The past week I had a video conference with Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams and Justice Minister Roland Duncan. We have concluded to terminate one of the plans of approach on the advice of the progress committee. Obviously this is one of the positive steps St. Maarten has already made.”
Minister Spies said that St. Maarten has gone through “quite a struggle” – a reference to the 2011 and 2012 budgets. “I belief the budget for 2011 was approved in the course of the year and the budget for 2012 in February this year. The budget for 2013 is now almost ready. This shows better control over the process of planning, budgeting and giving account. The Cft agrees with this. It does not mean yet that the finances are structurally in order but there are tangible improvements.”

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Minister Spies during budget debate - “St. Maarten performs better than Curacao by

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