Minister Shigemoto: “Pandt is a well respected professional”

POSTED: 03/7/11 11:59 AM

St. Maarten –Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto pointed out on Friday that Max Pandt represents the public entities of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius (the BES islands) on the board of the board for financial su0pervision Cft.

He added that, the Cft is structured into two separate boards, one for the BES islands and one for Curacao and St. Maarten.

“The main point and the real issue is that St. Maarten needs to have its own representative appointed to the Cft board as soon as possible. The Council of Ministers will address the appointment of the candidate with the Dutch Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations.”

Shigemoto said that he was within his rights “to have Max Pandt graciously exclude himself from the Cft meeting with the Council of Ministers about our national budget. I don’t see anything controversial about it.  Even the Cft has acknowledged that the functioning of the committee was still being worked out and that they were working on a formula.”

The Minister added that back in October when he was sworn in as Minister, the Cft had asked him if Pandt could sit in on meetings. “I informed them that I prefer not because he is not on the board that deals with St. Maarten.”

“If the initial intention was to have one board represent the fives islands from the outset, then that would have been the case, but it is not.  With respect to the meeting of last week, it was due to a lack of information.  I was not aware that Pandt would be in the meeting or what his capacity was.  It was later explained that he was a Cft observer and had no say in the meeting.

“Pandt is a well respected professional in our community and a former Lt. Governor when the island was a territory.  I don’t see any controversy or even why this has made the news.  We have important issues to deal with,” Shigemoto concluded.

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