Minister Richardson intervenes and helps stranded KLM passengers

POSTED: 12/9/14 11:15 AM

St. Maarten – Minister of Tourism, Ted Richardson came to the rescue of a group of an estimated 50 stranded KLM passengers who reportedly were unable to find lodgings in the country on Saturday.

This situation was due to the KLM flight that has been sitting on the ground since Friday because of a technical problem on the Boeing 747.  KLM technicians did not anticipate that the problem would take such a long time to repair. Before visiting the airport just after midnight, the Minister contacted the KLM country representative, the Civil Aviation Authority and SXM Airport Management with respect to the situation.

After assessing the situation, the Minister instructed that the stranded passengers should stay at the terminal building until the morning. In collaboration with the airport management, KLM crew, Minister Richardson ensured that the travellers were provided with water, food and blankets. The Police, the Customs and the airport security, who all were present at the terminal, were assigned to ensure the passengers safety and the safety of the premises.

Minister Richardson continued monitoring the situation yesterday morning as he was told that an empty plane would arrive to pick up the stranded passengers.

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Minister Richardson intervenes and helps stranded KLM passengers by

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