Minister Plasterk: “Budget cuts are matter for country St. Maarten”

POSTED: 04/12/13 11:21 AM

THE HAGUE – Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Minister Plasterk says that budget cuts at the Public Prosecutor’s office, the police and the National Detective Agency (Landsrecherche) are matter for the autonomous country St. Maarten. The Minister writes this in answer to questions from Members of Parliament Heijnen and Bosman, Jean Mentens reports on Caribisch Netwerk.
Plasterk added that “he would consider it worrisome if the announced budget cuts indeed would have consequences for the quality of maintaining law and order, investigations and prosecution of criminality and the execution of the plans of approach.”

The Minister assumes that the current investigation into MP Patrick Illidge and others in the alleged Bada Bing corruption case will be able to continue without delay. The investigative capacity at the National Detective agency has been beefed up temporarily for this purpose.

Justice Minister Roland Duncan commented a couple of days ago on the questions Bosman and Heijnen had posed. He said that it is not reasonable to be saddled with the obligation to economize and when these budget cuts are announced, to be accused of frustrating investigations. Duncan is also mentioned in the Bada Bing investigation and he has already been heard by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Plasterk assured that as far as he is concerned maintaining law and order and legal security must be guaranteed sufficiently by St. Maarten and that this remains his position in talks with the government of St. Maarten.

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Minister Plasterk: “Budget cuts are matter for country St. Maarten” by

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