Minister of Tourism seeks deal with American Eagle, Puerto Rico

POSTED: 01/27/11 2:34 PM

St. Maarten – Minister Franklin Meyers is hoping to broker a three way deal between the government of St. Maarten, the government of Puerto Rico and American Eagle to ensure the airline continues to have daily flights between the two islands. The airline announced recently that they want to scale back to flying between two or three times per week, but the governments in Philipsburg and San Juan agree that the service is important and Meyers is hoping that they will be willing to put in part of the US $8, 266 needed per week to keep the service as a daily flight.
The matter is likely to be discussed when the Minister meets executives from the airline at an airline conference in the Dominican Republic that begins on February 13. Immediately after that conference Myers plans a whirlwind tour to meet carriers individually. He’ll begin with American Airlines and continue to meet Delta, Jet Blue, Air Transat and Air Canada.
Meyer’s trip abroad actually begins on Sunday when he flies to the United States for medical treatment. He expects to be cleared to travel by February 12, making his trip a combination of personal leave and work related travel.

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Minister of Tourism seeks deal with American Eagle, Puerto Rico by

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