Minister of Public Health urges the use of ear plugs during carnival

POSTED: 04/20/12 2:33 PM

St. Maarten – The Ministry of Public Health. Social Development & Labor is taking the hearing of the youth here on our island very serious, by means of an audio meter that was donated to the section Youth Health Care this year by Minister of Health, Cornelius De Weever; through the neonatal hearing screening symposium held in Aruba, attended by the ministry and through the donation of ear plugs to the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation for Carnival 2012.

“It is important for us to start now, and be proactive and protect our children’s hearing, especially during the Carnival season,” Minister of Public Health Social Development & Labor, Cornelius De Weever said.

The minister stressed that the ministry found it necessary that ear plugs were purchased and distributed.

“I encourage all parents to ensure that their children wear ear plugs,” said Minister De Weever.

The audio-meter, which was donated by the minister will be used to test the hearing of school going children, whereas the neonatal screening, which is yet to be implemented will focus on newborns. The ear plugs are donated as a means of protecting the ears of our youth from the loud music during the carnival parades.

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Minister of Public Health urges the use of ear plugs during carnival by

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