Minister Lake commends Gebe for green thinking

POSTED: 02/17/14 2:16 PM

St. Maarten – Vromi-Minister Maurice Lake commends Gebe’s newly appointed Supervisory Board of Directors and the managing board for the presentation of their green solar project.

GEBE announced earlier in the week that the company is embarking on a two-megawatt solar project for independent power producers, to be executed in 2014.

The renewable project will reduce consumers’ electricity bills, residential and business customers.

“We are moving in the right direction. Lowering Country Sint Maarten’s environmental footprint is well underway. We are embracing green technology as a country. Some other businesses have taken the initiative to go green and I commend them for that green thinking,” Lake said.

“It’s all about going back to basics and utilizing the natural resources such as the sun and wind. The sun is so important to life on earth because it gives us light. It helps plants in preparing their food through its light via a process called photosynthesis.  It stops the growth of certain bacteria that cause diseases,” the minister added.

“The new GEBE supervisory board has hit the ground running and I am looking forward to many more initiatives that will enhance the quality of life of our people by investments in new technologies and alternative energy sources that further enhances and improves the services rendered by our utility company,” Lake said.

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