Minister Jacobs attends church service for teachers

POSTED: 10/8/12 3:56 PM

St. Maarten – Yesterday morning Minister Silveria Jacobs attended a service for teachers organized by her Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth at the Good News Baptist Church in Philipsburg.
The service featured songs of inspiration by the church’s praise and worship group led by teacher Sharon Pantophlet-Gilson.
Minister Jacobs addresses the congregation with congratulatory remarks and asked all stakeholders to take a stand for teachers. She commended the teachers for their hard work and dedication to the well-being of their students.
The Minister urged teachers to continue dedicating their lives to meeting the needs of their students. She also encouraged teachers “to strive to achieve professionalism, upgrade themselves and remain humble” and to inspire the next generation of teachers.
“Though we live and teach in challenging times, with cooperation between home and school – parents and teachers, our schools will be successful. All stakeholders must make a stand for teachers,” the minister said.
The government will have to do this by setting policies, providing for teachers’ needs, provide proper facilities and opportunities for professional development. The community- civic groups and businesses – must be supportive and volunteer time and finances. Teachers have to stand with each other and for each other, Minister Jacobs said. They have to inspire others to be teachers and communicate with other stakeholders.
The minister said that parents also have a role to play: by supporting teachers, teaching morals and values at home communicating regularly with school and teacher and by volunteering in the school. Students have to do their best and recognize that their teachers are there for them.
SMUMF representative Aster Allen and Minister Sharon van Arneman also addressed the congregation. Pastor John concluded the service with a special song, “I just can’t give up now” by Mary Mary.

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