Minister investigating expulsions

POSTED: 03/15/11 11:54 AM

St. Maarten – Justice Minister Roland Duncan is investigating reports that people are being expelled even though they have an employment permit and are waiting for a residence permit. The Minister said the move by Immigration officers is not correct as the Brooks Tower project is still pending based on the outcomes of an ongoing investigation.
One case is a man who was expelled even though he has a work permit and is waiting for his residence permit. The Guyanese man had already paid US$ 903.00 to the Receiver’s Office when he was picked up and subsequently expelled on Saturday.
Police had reportedly seen all of the man’s documents but they still proceeded to expel him. After arresting the man, they ordered him to call his girlfriend who had similar documents and advise her to report to the police station. When she arrived they detained her, even though she had an eighteen month old infant with her. She was released after agreeing to surrender her passport. She was also informed that she has two weeks to have her household items sold and leave the island with her infant child who was born on the island.

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