Minister and chief prosecutor revisit remarks made at Ipko

POSTED: 01/14/16 9:09 PM

St. Maarten News: Interim Justice Minister Richard Gibson will ask for a formal meeting with Chief Prosecutor Ton Maan to discuss in detail the statements prosecutor Maarten Noordzij made during a presentation at the Inter-Parliamentary Kingdom Consultation (Ipko) last week.

The prosecutor revealed data about prostitution in St. Maarten in the context of a presentation about human trafficking and compared them to those of Amsterdam, saying that based on the population numbers, prostitute-density in St. Maarten is more than six times higher than it is in Amsterdam.

The prosecutor also made a remark about the number of illegals in St. Maarten. He cited from the American TiP-report that sticks to a number of 15,000 and said that he heard in St. Maarten remarks that the ratio legals-illegals on the island could be 50-50. Noordzij added however that it is difficult to verify these numbers.

The data from the presentation have been taken completely out of context in Dutch media.

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Minister and chief prosecutor revisit remarks made at Ipko by

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