Mindboggling decision of our Prime Minister to appeal Postal Services case

POSTED: 07/4/14 12:36 AM



Dear editor,

The Board of the OSPP has been following with keen interest this case of the Postal Services and Mr. Denicio Richardson from the beginning to present. We never understood why he was suspended in the first place seeing that his decision was to protect the functioning of the Postal Services. Nevertheless, after almost four years and not being able to reach an out of court settlement the Court in the First Instance has issued their verdict in favour of Mr. Denicio Richardson. Long and behold the Shareholder Representative of Postal Services, our Honourable Prime Minister Mrs. Sarah Wescot-Williams and the Supervisory Board of the Postal Service are hell bent on appealing the verdict of the Court of First Instance. This decision of our Prime Minister to appeal the case is just mind boggling to say the least.

A couple of days ago we wrote that so many of our young graduates have decided not to returned to St. Maarten because they are not giving a fair chance to succeed in their country of birth. Or many times you heard that they are being told that they are over qualified. The behavior of this UP/DP government is supporting the feeling of many of our young professionals, that they are on track to destroy one of its’ own. This is beyond comprehension for the board of the OSPP. No country in the world will allow this to happen to one of their young professionals.

If this UP/DP government has any type of care for the young people of this nation they would pull in the appeal. As a government it is your responsibility to support and enhance your people to move forward and not destroy them. The OSPP feels that it is the government responsibility to create opportunities for its people in particular the young people of this young nation. Charity begins at home and if we don’t care about our own, who will care for them? Madame Prime Minister and Mr. Chairman of the Board let bygones be bygones and allow our young professional a fair chance to succeed in their country. The cost to appeal is very expensive and with the scarcity of tax dollars in our coffers the Board of the OSPP urge you to withdraw the appeal, Madame Prime Minister. Let us put our focus on creating more sustainable jobs for our people. Together we will make St. Maarten S.H.I.N.E.


Lenny Priest

Leader of the OSPP


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Mindboggling decision of our Prime Minister to appeal Postal Services case by

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