Middle Region road revamp is a “welcome inconvenience”

POSTED: 05/12/11 1:06 PM

St. Maarten – Revamps to the main road in Middle Region is both welcome and inconvenient for residence. The 18 month project began on December 9, 2010 is set to conclude on June 18, 2012 and has led to closures of both entrances. The first road closure on the A. Th. Illidge Road side took place on March 15. The second closure, on the Hilda B. Richardson Road side, took effect on April 4. An alternative entry has been created on the latter side but residents are still feeling “a bit inconvenienced.”

Myra, a Middle Region resident of seven years, lives at Middle Region #6. Because her house is flat dust from the nearby access road blows into her house easily.

“Everybody in this house would cough a lot because of the dust, especially the children,” the distraught woman said.

Myra also bears the added inconvenience of having to walk her children to school. She did not need to do this before the project started because the school bus would pick the children up right outside the house.

Caroline, a student who lives not far from the entrance, is also affected by the project.

“It’s kind of hard to come through the entrance when the men are working. After a hard day at school, it can be tiring just to make your way though all those heavy duty machines and dirt, which is sometimes wet,” she noted.

Caroline, and all the other residents especially students, also have to cope with the noise from the works. They also have to leave home earlier than they normally did when the road was accessible.

The revamps in Middle Region are being funded by the European Union under the ninth round of the European Development Funds (EDF). The main works include the installation of sewerage lines, upgrading the road, constructing drains, installing sidewalks and street lights and putting utility cables underground.


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