Middle Region road ready by June 8

POSTED: 04/25/12 3:38 PM

Residents concerned about sewerage and runoff water

MIDDLE REGION – Monday evening’s town hall meeting at the Marie Laurence School in Middle Region about the sewerage problems drew several comments and concerns from the residents. They asked about the sewerage connections for homes built in the hills and about the situation for homes that are located below the level of the road.

Representatives from the Vromi-ministry and contractor MNO Vervat explained that they had already laid the main pipes under the road. Homes will be connected with large pipes to the main sewerage lines that are buried about five and a half meters under the roads. The €5 million project is financed by Usona. Accoridng to its representative it is “not expected to solve all the problems that the Middle Region District had in the past.”

The funding is for the construction of the sewerage and the drainage system. It is not a project that will solve all of the problems that Middle Region had in the past; it will however be the “backbone of the project and the sewerage lines that have to be connected.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Infrastructure Theodore Heyliger said that the Middle Region district will be the catalyst of how all the other areas will look like when it is finished. “From the drainage to the sewerage to the type of road will be the example of how all the districts will be.” Not only the main road will be upgraded, roads in the hills will also be improved.

“In addition to that there are also the walls. We want Middle Region to be the true project and we want to ensure that the walls on the main road will have a unified look.” The minister promised that when the project is completed the sewerage lines will be in place to ensure that there is no “runoff water” or sewerage water on the roads.  This water will be carried to the waste water treatment plant on the A. Th. Illidge Road.

He assured them that this plant has the capacity to take all the sewerage from the district and said that his presence at the meeting is to ensure that all runoff water and sewerage goes to the plant. “I am very proud when driving through the district to see the work that has been completed by the contractor.”

The Middle Region project is said to be of the highest standard with the quality of work that is being carried out, said Head of New Works Kurt Ruan. He explained that even though this may be so “we are still not there yet.” He said that phase one of the project entails the complete upgrading of the road which included drainage and underground cabling should be completed by June 8 but suggested that after the contractor completes this phase of the work there is still much work to be done.

The upgrading of the boundary walls which is the second phase of the project will still have to be done, said Ruan. The government is still busy collecting signatures from the land owners so that they are able to build the side walk and the walls. He noted that the old Middle Region road was very narrow and in some cases two vehicles could not pass each other.  However, with the upgrading the road will be widened to ensure that even “two pieces of heavy equipment could pass each other comfortable at the same time.”

For the widening of the road the government needs the cooperation of the home owners. He said that even though the majority of home owners have given their approval, they are still waiting for some home owners on the western section.

There are still some utility companies that have not completed the work and they have created challenges for the completion of the road. There is also the matter of the thirty five side roads “and if you do not address this matter of the runoff water it could pose a severe problem.”

With part of the work completed by June 8, the contractor will be back in Middle Region in 2013 to continue with the third phase of the project.

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