Meyers concerned about Meteorological service

POSTED: 01/28/13 1:54 PM

St. Maarten – Former United People’s party Minister for Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication Franklin Meyers has expressed his concerns about the functioning of the Meteorological department in Curacao. This department is still responsible for nighttime services to St. Maarten, Meyers pointed out in a press statement yesterday.

Meyers is concerned about these services after reading that the department in Curacao is struggling with serious manpower shortages since October of last year. To function properly, the department needs at least eight new employees, Meyers stated.

“Has Minister Pantophlet been informed about the challenges facing Curacao’s Meteorological department? Has there been any impact on especially night time services to St Maarten?” Meyers wonders.

The former minister stated that his successor “should assure the aviation and maritime sectors that the manpower problems in Curacao have not impacted our Meteorological agency.”

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  1. jaslyn says:

    this is certainly a bigger problem for the island of Aruba. They are more dependent upon their services than Sint Maarten