Mental Health Foundation highlights firsts admission team of nurses

POSTED: 05/10/12 3:57 PM

CAYHILL- On the occasion of Nurses Week the Mental Health Foundation which has been functional for the past six years, opted to highlight the work of admission care nurses. Director of the MHF, Eileen Healy said that regardless of the start-up phase, nurses continue to enhance the care products for the patients of St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius energetically and with enthusiasm. Today we publish an excerpt of Healy reflections on the establishment of St.Maarten’s first admission nurses team.

“In October 2011, the Mental Health Foundation managed to start admitting the first involuntary Patients and Voluntary admissions after purchasing and renovating the old Sylvia Hotel in Cay Hill. The families and patients, the ambulant crisis team of MHF, the Police and the prison could not wait for local admission possibilities to happen on St. Maarten.  Stabilizing a severely ill psychiatric patient in a Police cell or in prison is ethically immoral and terribly confronting for families who have to deal with a sick loved one.  And above all it has proven to be an unsafe environment for the patient.

Starting in October 2011 the new team had to get to know each other and become a team together with the security guards. Full of enthusiasm they set out to work to iron out procedures. Admissions have one crisis room and nine beds, the crisis room had been constantly occupied and the admissions word is practically full to capacity. The total amount of patients admitted so far is 46 they have been admitted locally for longer and shorter periods.

The admission team presently consists of, 2 social psychiatric nurses, 2 registered nurses and 4 nurse aids. MHF also make use of call up nurses who work elsewhere on St. Maarten. The MHF psychiatrist and representatives from the Parnassia Bavo group in the Netherlands together with the social psychiatric nurses guide and educate the nurses and the nurse’s aides of the admission team. Ongoing is also a non-violent approach and self-defense training of the nurses in dealing with crisis on location.

For all patients entering into admission, a dossier is made with their diagnosis, treatment and care plan. In some cases contracts are made with the patient with regards to the care plan agreements, this helps them to comply with the treatment plan.

During the day the admission nurses are also active in the Faraja Center (Day Care) where the admission clients participate in the activities.  Admissions nurses also tend to the guided living clients 6 in total, after hours these clients receive medication, counseling and activities.”

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