Mega-cocaine case against two brothers will be postponed again

POSTED: 03/23/11 11:47 AM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance will postpone the trial against four mega-cocaine smugglers again tomorrow afternoon. Attorney Mr. S.R. Bommel, who defends Rodolfo A., said yesterday that the prosecution needs more time for an internal investigation into irregularities with a police report.

The two brothers, Rodolfo A. (37) and Hector Miguel A. (32), and their accomplices Michel Jean E. (35) and Elmer Nicandro Virgilio M. (38) are accused of transporting 623 kilos of cocaine from St. Maarten to the Netherlands last year. The shipments have a combined value of almost $4.5 million in St. Maarten, but in Europe the drugs are worth anywhere between $32 million and $93.4 million.

In December the court postponed the trial because the prosecutor’s office had its doubts about the reliability of a police report. While prosecutor Mr. J.M. Mul said in December that the internal investigation would take no more than a week, apparently it still has not been completed.

Mul suggested in December that the prosecutor’s office might ask the court itself to declare the prosecution inadmissible, depending on the results of the investigation.

Most likely, the disputed police report stems from an investigation that started earlier in Curacao – the so-called Bens-dossier. To kick start the investigation against the two brothers and their accomplices, detectives apparently presented an old report from this investigation as new facts, by changing the date on the report. The detective who worked on the case for the Detective Collaboration Team RST has been sent back to the Netherlands.

After the irregularities with the police report came to light, all four suspects were released from preventive custody in December.


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Mega-cocaine case against two brothers will be postponed again by

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