Mediator’s office participates in internship on Aruba

POSTED: 04/15/12 4:23 PM

St. Maarten – Marcellina Loblack of the Department of Labor will be traveling to Aruba on April 15 to participate in an internship at the mediator’s office there. The reason for this internship is to ensure continuity with regard to public service in general and in particular the processing of referendum requests.
The objectives of the internship program are exploring the role of the assistant mediator and evaluating the process of referendums. The internship will grant Loblack further insight as to what the function actually entails. This is in keeping with the service oriented vision of the Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labor Cornelius de Weever with the aim of improving the current processes and applying new approaches to the daily tasks of the mediator in general and the public in particular is created.
In December 2011 the Department of Labor hosted the first annual mediators’ conference on St. Maarten. Mediators from Aruba, Curacao and the BES Islands were in attendance. The outcome of that conference resulted in a recommendation that St. Maarten participates in internship programs. Both Aruba and Curacao expressed a commitment to assist St. Maarten in this regard.
“We have to keep trying to improve our services and continue to invest in our civil servants,” de Weever said.

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