Meaningless no parking sign in front of Yellow Building

POSTED: 11/7/12 12:42 PM

St. Maarten – The territorial drift of business owners in the field of parking space is well-known and well-documented. The parking-for-customers-only signs are all over the place. Apart from being an eyesore they have no practical value, because parking space with an open connection to public roads is considered part of that public road – and nobody has the right to claim that space, let alone order a towing company to have cars towed away.

In the recent past, we have surprised pastor Wycliffe Smith with a front page picture of a sign posted on the parking lot next to his New Testament Baptist Church in the center of Philipsburg.

It read Reserved for Pastor Smith.

Now it is the turn for the Yellow Building on the corner of the Pondfill and the C.M. Vlaun Street, where civil servants of the Vromi-ministry are making an attempt to keep ordinary motorists away from the parking space in front of their building.

But the sign reading No parking L vehicles only is as meaningless as Pastor Smith’s sign (that we have not seen any more recently).

The rule is simple: these parking spaces are part of the public road. One would think that government-entities are aware of their own rules – but maybe we should have known better.

Anyway: motorists who find a free spot in front of the Yellow Building should feel free to park there.

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