Match supermarket closes doors after twenty years

POSTED: 09/3/11 12:08 AM

Marigot’s Howell Center is in a shambles

MARIGOT, St. Martin – The Howell Center in Marigot is in a shambles because its biggest store, the Match supermarket has closed down and is awaiting a court ruling about its state of bankruptcy. Unconfirmed reports claim that the supermarket, which was not doing well for already quite some time, has been bought by its rival US Import.
The closure affects the small businesses that are established in the Howell Center, because less people will come to the area.
On Thursday there were no longer security guards at work at the supermarket, and the shelves inside the store were empty. Yesterday the shutters remained down and there was no business activity at all.
According to the French side newspaper St. Martin’s week, Match was established twenty years ago, was managed by Socomdis.
The court could decide to appoint a caretaker and attempt to restart the business and if that is not feasible the company y will be liquidated.
The supermarket’s demise is further proof of the deterioration of Marigot as a business center. Match had to face competition from US Import which opened a brand new supermarket in Hope Estate. That is quite a trip from Marigot, but unlike Match it offers convenient parking and a more up to date shopping experience.
Recently Frantz Gumbs, President of the Collectivité d’Outre Mer de saint Martin labeled Marigot in a radio interview as “a ghost town.”

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