Massive loss of support for VVD

POSTED: 11/5/12 1:03 PM

THE HAGUE – The electorate in the Netherlands is extremely unhappy with the VVD, the latest opinion poll of market researcher Maurice de Hond shows. If elections were held today. Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s party would win just 27 seats. It now holds 41 seats in parliament.
De Hond’s survey shows that only 55 percent of the VVD-voters would vote for the party again; last week that number stood at 85, but the governing accord the VVD brokered with the left-wing Labor Party has upset many voters. Especially the income-dependent healthcare insurance premium is a sore point for VVD-voters.
The party’s so-called electoral potential fell from 36 to 24 percent. De Hond said that he had never before seen a party lose so many seats in his poll.
The Labor Party has suffered less: around 70 percent said it would vote for the party again. If elections were held today, Labor would win 30 seats, 8 less than it holds now.
The Socialist Party (+7), the Freedom Party (+5), D66 (+4) and even the CDA (+2) would benefit from the dissatisfaction among voters.

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