Masked men rob Beach Plaza Casino at gunpoint

POSTED: 11/3/14 7:55 PM

St. Maarten – Two-heavily armed men, wearing black masks and black and white clothing, robbed the Beach Plaza Casino on W.J. Nisbeth road of an undisclosed amount of cash yesterday morning.

According to information provided by police spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson, at approximately 8:00 a.m., the two men stepped out of a small, white vehicle, which was described as “heavily-tinted,” in front of the establishment. The robbers are said to have followed the casino manager and security guard inside the premises, where the robbers reportedly forced their victims to lie down on the floor. The two then proceeded to rob the casino of an undisclosed amount of cash. Having committed their act, the two suspects fled the scene with the cash.

The police were alerted of the armed robbery and at approximately 8.40 a.m., several police patrols, detectives and the forensic department were directed to the Beach Plaza Casino to investigate. While at the scene, the Forensic Department collected evidence and the detectives questioned potential witnesses in the hopes of finding possible leads. The investigation is ongoing.

Beach Plaza Casino was also the victim of an attempted robbery in early September when two armed men and a woman all dressed in black, stormed into the casino an attempted to rob the place, but the bandits in that case fled empty handed. Later that same day the three also attempted to rob the Paradise Casino on Welfare Road in Cole Bay and were also unsuccessful. In both attempted robberies the robbers ran out of the casinos empty handed and jumped into “a small white car with French license plates” and took off at high speed. These cases are being investigated by the Special Robbery Unit.

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