Martinique wins Franco/Dutch Classic

POSTED: 11/15/11 4:28 AM

GREAT BAY- St. Maarten Warriors’ inability to shoot from outside the zone haunted them especially in the dying stages of a decisive match against Martinique on Sunday. The visitors won the match 59 – 45.
The Warrior’s defeat puts them in second place in a tournament with teams from Martinique, Saba and the St. Maarten Stars. The latter team got the number three spot overall after defeating Saba 91-37.
The Warriors got off to a good start and maintained a two point lead that was broken after a series of layups from Martinique’s players. They extended their lead to four points, but saw it cut to one point in the final two minutes of a particular period of play. The last period of play was an all Martinique affair as the Warriors were given no opportunities. Marie Louise, the eventual MVP, finished with 14 points and for the Warriors, Jonathan Phillips top scored with 22.
In addition to the champions and sub-champions trophy, each player on the two teams were presented with medals and an individual trophy. The third place team, the Stars also received medals for their efforts.

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