Martin Luther six graders visit parliament

POSTED: 02/2/12 2:20 PM

St. Maarten – Seventeen six graders from the Dr. Martin Luther King primary school along with their teachers visited the House of Parliament on Wednesday morning. The students were welcomed by the President of Parliament drs. Gracita Arrindell and 2nd Vice President Patrick Illidge, who is a former student of the school. The students were enthused and impressed with what they saw and learnt during their one-hour visit. This is the first school visit for 2012. Arrindell started the tradition in early 2011.

Arrindell explained about the workings of the country’s parliamentary democracy with respect to the roles of MPs; how parliamentarians should be addressed with respect to protocol; and the difference between the executive and legislative branches of government.
Arrindell and Illidge were very impressed with the dialogue that took place between the students and themselves. Arrindell pointed out that the students were very determined and encouraged them to stay focussed on getting their basic education.
One of the questions posed was, what they would like to become in life. Some of the professions brought forward were, teacher, speech therapist, baseball player, doctor, pilot, football player, fireman, artist, soccer player, computer technician, lawyer, softball player and detective.
Illidge stress the importance of students remaining in school and making their parents proud during his closing remarks. He also stressed the importance of listening to teachers and not following people who could lead them astray.
Arrindell stressed fundamental reading was and urged the young students to read a lot. She also said that everything starts by staying in school.

The students presented Arrindell with a Certificate of Appreciation and also gave Office Manager Dorothy Lake a token of appreciation.
United Peoples (UP) Party faction leader Romain Laville and Independent MP Frans Richardson were also present during the visit.

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