Marlin wants post meeting fracas condemned

POSTED: 11/27/11 11:01 AM

St. Maarten – Democratic Party (D.P.) faction leader Roy Marlin has called on his colleagues to condemn the way he and his United People’s (UP) Party colleague Jules James had to be led away from the Thursday November 18, 2011 meeting on the situation at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina and the Villas at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina. An angry woman got in Marlin’s face at one point while James and his family were kept separate from the public by a wall of security officers.
“We live in a democracy and as members of parliament we must be able to speak freely without fear of repercussions,” R. Marlin said.
United People’s (UP) Party Member of Parliament Dr. Ruth Douglas, who was not at the November 18 meeting, agreed with Marlin. She said that while she was not there, just the pictures made her feel unsafe.
“I was happy not to have been there,” Douglas said.
While he did not explicitly express support for what happened National Alliance faction leader William Marlin said R. Marlin had prompted the reaction by basically threatening the workers with his caution to not bite the hand that fed them.
“That caused some of the workers to ask questions and to voice their displeasure. It also shows that people will not allow elected officials to bash them. In all my years I have never had to be led away from a meeting under guard because I treat people with respect, but when you disrespect people then that is the kind of retaliation you will get,” Marlin said.

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