Marlin wants government to look at cost reduction

POSTED: 11/23/12 12:41 PM

St. Maarten – Democratic Party MP Roy Marlin urged Finance Minister Roland Tuitt yesterday to look at cost-reduction programs, saying that the government is wasting money on mundane items like paper, pens and electricity. “You’ll have cost reductions of 4 to 5 million guilders right away,” he said.
Marlin also said that it is time to clean up the government pay roll and to get rid of people who are not working in an effort to contribute to a balanced budget. “We have to get our act together, otherwise somebody else will do it for us,” he warned.

Marlin also announced that he had changed his mind about dollarization. “If you had asked me a year ago about it I would have said no, the guilder is just fine. But right now there is no basis to continue with a joint Central Bank, or for a new Caribbean currency. There is no political will in Curacao to build a strong Central Bank,” he said.
Marlin pointed out that the financial supervision by the Cft will come to an end in 2015. “We will need legislation for our own financial supervision to make sure that we do not end up like some other countries,” he said.

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