Marlin-Romeo queries minister of finance

POSTED: 08/30/16 9:09 AM

St.maarten – Independent MP Leona Marlin Romeo sent a letter to the chairlady of parliament on Thursday requesting answers from the Minister of Finance about “the abrupt deduction of back-taxes of civil servants.”

The MP queried whether the Minister of Finance Richard Gibson, notified civil servants of this action, claiming that “many complained that arrangements for repayment were already in place and no notifications were given.”

This is causing financial hardship on civil servants and placing them in a higher tax bracket, according to the complaints Marlin-Romeo says she received.

The MP asked in her letter whether this abrupt decision without notification was applicable across the board and included Members of Parliament, in particular those with tax issues.

Marlin-Romeo furthermore wants to know how this was applied to the private sector.

The Minister is expected to answer within seven days. Marlin-Romeo stated in a press release that “in light of the various complaints, the sluggish economy, and the halt on civil servants salary raises, it is imperative that the Minister of Finance respond. Too often civil servants are not rewarded or valued for the amount of work they produce, but they are expected to perform; they deserve respect especially when an abrupt decision is taken that will affect their purchasing and spending power at the end of the month.”

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