Marlin denies obsession with Laville

POSTED: 07/22/11 12:29 PM

St. Maarten – Leader of the National Alliance faction William Marlin has accused United People’s (UP) Party faction leader Romain Laville of being an attention seeker whose party sacked him and putting Dr. Ruth Douglas in his place on the permanent committee for Kingdom Relations and Inter-parliamentary Affairs. Marlin was reacting to recent statements by Laville.

At a press conference on Monday Laville accused the National Alliance leader of being obsessed with him because Marlin has criticized the decision of the Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto for handing out travel vouchers and per diem for two members of parliament to travel to Parlatino committee meetings because of a suggestion from Laville. Marlin had also criticized the fact that members of parliament from the UP, the Democratic Party and Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Illidge for signing on to three motions and then withdrawing their support.

Laville confirmed Monday that he’d worked on bringing the delegation down from six members to two based on information from the Finance Ministry that there was only enough money for two.

“I was only trying to help,” Laville said on Monday.

On Wednesday Marlin lashed back saying he had no beef with Laville, but that his faction denounces the fact that the Minister of Finance unilaterally changed a decision of parliament.

“It is clear that the Member of Parliament (MP) cannot address the issue and is trying to take focus off of it. The fact is Parliament decided to send six people to Mexico and that decision was sent to the minister for execution. The only entity that can change that decision is parliament and the minister had to indicate there was insufficient funds,” Marlin said.

He later added, “I have no control over what an MP does. My job is to control the government and my criticism was aimed clearly at the way the minister of finance handled this matter. Our beef is with the minister of finance.”

The National Alliance leader is also accused Laville of “stooping so low” of asking why Marlin was not concerned about the fact that his ticket to the Netherlands costs 10, 000 guilders.

“My ticket was purchased with public funds, just like everybody else. It did not cost 10, 000 guilders and even if it did either late communication of the decision of Parliament or bureaucracy at the ministry of finance is why the tickets were purchased last minute and cost so much,” Marlin said.

The National Alliance leader is unhappy that MPs are spending time “back fighting” and indicated he is interested in moving forward on key issues of government policy.

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