Marlin concerned about Weymouth Hill development

POSTED: 11/13/12 12:43 PM

St. Maarten – The government’s plan to develop Link 6 which goes through Weymouth Hill and extends to Dutch Quarter has been met with a degree of skepticism but Minister of Vromi William Marlin has assured that all infrastructural work will be done to benefit the community.
“It is not so that we are just going to drop a road down from here to there. There will be proper engineering carried out based on existing studies and knowledge of the demographics of the areas,” Minister Marlin said.

He added that Weymouth Hill may become an area where the government may have to step in to “help save some people from major disaster.”

He explained that people bought land many years ago in the area but did not benefit from sound civil engineering.

“Because rules were not in place then to force the developer to put in proper drainage and roads etc. People were happy to get a piece of property and nobody took regard for the natural drainage and now you have several homes under threat, some of them  have lost retainer walls, homes are being undermined and in some cases entire cesspools  were washed from on the property because  of lack of proper drainage,” Marlin explained.

He referred to the Valley Estate housing development as a prime example of proper development where proper drainage, roads, street lighting and underground cabling all form part of the suburban community.
He also cited sections of South Reward as another area where people were shortchanged upon purchasing land.

“Government has quite a lot of investment to make in the upcoming year to ensure that the properties are well protected,” Marlin concluded.

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