Marihuana plantation discovered by police

POSTED: 04/9/13 11:41 AM

St. Maarten – A raid was conducted by the police department in the thick bushes on the hill between Brills Drive in Middle Region and Gibbs Drive in Dutch Quarter on Monday after receiving information of a large marihuana plantation that was located in that area.

The police had to take the time to plan the raid because of its unawareness of the area, and did not want to go in blind to avoid unexpected scenarios.

Some 20 police officers participated in the operation which took four and a half hours.

At the site the investigating officers located several plots of the land that were prepared for planting and several plots of land on which a very large amount of marihuana plants were already growing.

The entire plantation was quite large and was well taken care of on a daily basis. The caretakers would spend the whole day working on the plantation as well cooking and sleeping there.

On the arrival of the officers the caretakers had already left the scene.  Several pit-bull dogs were used to protect the plantation; however a police dog handler dealt with them during the operation and posed no threat.

The garden hoses lead the investigating officers to an apartment building on Gibb’s Drive in Dutch Quarter where one man with the initials Z.D.A. from Jamaica was arrested as a suspect in this case.

A wooden structure located in the vicinity of Romeo Drive on that same property was searched where a shotgun and bullets were found and confiscated, as well over 3000 marihuana plants, garden hoses, fertilizer and other garden equipment.

The case is under investigation by the Narcotics Department. 

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Marihuana plantation discovered by police by

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