Mariano sentenced for 12 months imprisonment

POSTED: 02/5/13 11:42 AM

WILLEMSTAD – Top athlete Brian Mariano was sentenced on yesterday on Curacao by the Court in First Instance to a term of 12 months imprisonment, of which 6 are conditional and 3 year probation. The case was dealt substantively yesterday, when he was in the courtroom. Today he was sentenced in absentia.

Mariano was on trial for smuggling 720 grams of cocaine. 5 packs of drugs were hidden in a double bottom between the liner and the bottom of the suitcase on December 1 when he was on his way to Amsterdam. According to the District Attorney, there was conditional intent.

Mariano stated during treatment of his case that he had ‘no idea’ who had put the drugs in his suitcase. According to the lawyer it must have been someone at the airport in Curacao. The judge called it an incredible story. “The report of findings of the investigators in Hato airport speaks for themselves.”

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Mariano sentenced for 12 months imprisonment by

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