Manslaughter on hairdresser Eddy: 15 years imprisonment

POSTED: 03/3/11 12:40 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Calniff Mc Garry Cultico Williams, 34, to 15 years imprisonment for the December 21, 2008 manslaughter on Basilio Bruno, aka hairdresser Eddy. The sentence follows the demand by the prosecution. Williams will appeal the verdict.

Williams stabbed his victim eighteen times. A motive has never been established. Judge Mr. M. Keppels based her conviction on the fact that the defendant had called the 50-year old Bruno twice shortly before the murder to set up a meeting. He went to Bruno’s home in the Manzanillasteeg, stabbed him and ran outside towards Fort Willem where he was staying temporarily with a family member.

A neighbor living across from Bruno told the police that he saw the defendant enter the house through a side entrance. Ten minutes later, he saw the profusely bleeding victim near the gate of his property. Another witness reported that he had seen Bruno come outside, and that he was screaming for help. Shortly afterwards he saw the defendant exit the house. The witness, who remains anonymous, followed the killer in the direction of Cannegieter Street and Longwall Road.  Another witness stated that Williams had continued past Vlaun and Sons, and that he had disappeared into the alley next to Radio Shack.

Williams was staying at the house of his cousin Jeremy Williams in Fort Willem. Horne’s girlfriend Cheryl told police that Williams, whom she knew by his nickname Spanny, had come running home, leaving his shoes outside. He immediately dumped his clothes and his cell phone in a bucket of water and proceeded to take a bath. A bar owner who runs an establishment on Arch Road met the victim on the afternoon of the murder. He told police that Eddy had told him he had a lot of problems and that he was planning to leave.

Yet another witness testified that he had met Williams towards the end of November 2008 and that he had seen him with four rings and a gold chain. This diffuses a statement by another witness who told police that she had bought a gold necklace and a gold ring from Williams for $900 on the day of the murder.

Four days after the murder Williams traveled to Canada, where he was later arrested before being extradited to St. Maarten. Williams was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but until his extradition to St. Maarten he lived in Canada.

Judge Mr. M. Keppels wrote in her considerations that she followed the prosecution’s demand of 15-years of imprisonment also because Williams has a criminal record for “serious crimes” in Canada.


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