Mandatory integrity course begins Monday

POSTED: 06/1/12 12:22 PM

St. Maarten – A mandatory course for all civil servants titled Integrity Dilemma Training begins on Monday  and continues until June 15. The training is part of the overall execution of the government’s integrity program.

The training will be given by Ralston Bennet who is the director of Aruba based Life Transforming Institute. Bennet is a certified facilitator, trainer, speaker and coach that has been associated with John Maxwell, Franklin Covey and Dr. Myles Munroe.

All classes will be done at the University of St. Maarten and will focus on the guidelines laid out in the national ordinance on the material position of civil servants (LMA). According to a release the participants will learn the meaning of integrity and what dilemma’s are. They will be also be given tools to empower and enable them to discern an integrity dilemma, know what considerations are important when making an integrity based decision and how to use a six step question process as a tool that will enable this process.

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