Management adds to Minister Lake’s statements “Resistance employees creates distorted picture of Catastre”

POSTED: 08/26/13 1:26 PM

St. Maarten – The management of the Cadastre has taken notice of various articles in the newspapers, in particular Minister Lake’s proposal to appoint a change manager. In support of the minister’s statements, the management issued a statement that outlines the developments at the Cadastere over the past two decades.

“In 2004 the Supervisory Board with Perry Geerlings as Chairman began the upgrade of the Cadastre and implemented the principles of transparency and good corporate governance. From here on the current housing of the Cadastre was realized, soft- and hardware were upgraded, which lead to the automation of all operating processes, the employees received numerous trainings and a pension plan was introduced from which all employees could benefit,” the statement reads.

In 2009, the current management team was established, with Clemens Roos as director and Marcia Petyerson Richardson as the financial and human resources manager. “Over the years management has implemented structural and operational changes along with several other provisions for the employees, with as most outstanding an extended medical plan (full coverage of eye, dental and other expenses), premium free pension, child’s school allowance, a bonus system, and financial support for courses requested by individual employees. To upgrade the general level in the office, internal trainings were organized to provide the employees with legal knowledge with regard to the public registers and the principles of good governance. The effect of these trainings still remain absent in the performance of those four employees who have always resisted the changes introduced by the management team.”

The implementation of good corporate governance requires that positions are staffed by qualified individuals, the Cadastre’s management point out in its statement. “In the surveying department the lack of the proper qualifications was negatively affecting operations and thus the service to the public. For that reason an extensive land survey course was put in place. During the first modules of the course it became clear that certain employees did not meet the basic level for a surveyor and their scores were very disappointing. Management decided to extend the training sessions to give employees who were failing the opportunity to successfully complete the final tests. Unfortunately, after lengthy rehearses of the test exercises those individuals failed and could not continue with the remaining modules,” the statement continues. “By failing the course, these employees could no longer function as land surveyors. Management was left with no other alternative but to relocate these employees to the registration department and place them in a salary scale according to their new positions.”

After the early departure of the former director Erik Dolle  – a result of continuous conflict and resistance initiated by several employees –  it appears as if these same employees believe they have the authority to dictate to management how the Cadastre should be operated, the statement reads. “In the attempt to develop a healthy working environment management promoted two employees into management in the bid to give the employees a representation on that level. After a few months the first member expressed his discontent with his new position and stepped out of management, while the second member was released from management due to his lack of performance. To further appease the staff, management organized a workshop in customer service which also included aspects of change management, but even this had no effect on the four resisting employees.”

Because of the continuous resistance and discontent of employees who fail to perform and grab the opportunities to upgrade themselves, management is confronted with a distorted picture of the Cadastre, the management’s statement concludes.  “It is our objective to uphold the integrity of the Cadastre and provide the public with quality services as stipulated by law. Therefore, we find it our responsibility to support the Minister in this situation by providing the public with this addition to his statements.”

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Management adds to Minister Lake’s statements “Resistance employees creates distorted picture of Catastre” by

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