Man surrenders after being outnumbered

POSTED: 08/7/13 11:40 AM

St. Maarten – At least one man was forced to face the harsh realization that when the odds are against you, it’s better to give up. The man is now behind bars after his attempt to evade the police failed after a mid-morning chase which ended in the vicinity of the Belair Hotel yesterday.

According to an official report from the Police, the 22-year-old suspect, R.C.D., was arrested in connection with a July 6 shooting of a woman in St. Peters as well as for allegedly ill treating the same female with a weapon in the Simpson Bay area the same day.

There was already a warrant out for his arrest and he has since been on the run from the law. The police patrol informed the central police dispatch and other patrols that they were in pursuit of a man riding on a black scooter at high speed in the direction of Philipsburg.

The suspect was located on the Link-one road by a Philipsburg patrol and when the patrol tried to stop him on several occasions, he refused to do so and continued at high speed through the neighborhood.

The pursuing officers then fired two warning shots to force the fleeing suspect to stop, however, he still refused. Because of his reckless riding, the suspect then lost control of the scooter after slamming into a wall at Kangaroo Road in Belair, fell to the ground and made a hasty escape on foot through the dense bushes overlooking the lawn tennis court and later sought refuge in the Belair Pond.

It did not take long for the area in question to be surrounded by the police and after realizing that escaping would be a futile attempt, he decided to give himself up and was arrested after he had picked his way through the dense foliage that surrounds the pond.

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Man surrenders after being outnumbered by

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