Man stabs woman and steals her car

POSTED: 02/11/13 2:41 PM

St. Maarten – An unknown man who robbed a woman of her car in Philipsburg on Friday evening managed to escape from police patrols after a wild chase that ended with a frontal collision at the Kruythoff roundabout in Cole Bay.

The man attacked the woman near Nen’s Place on the Pondfill opposite the SZV-building with a large knife. He stabbed her several times in her shoulders and in her arm. The robber grabbed the woman’s handbag that contained her personal belongings and the keys of her rental car; he jumped in the car and took off in the direction of Cole Bay.

The victim was treated on the spot by paramedics and then taken to the St. Maarten Medical Center for treatment. She was seriously wounded and bleeding profusely from a deep cut on her lower right arm. An alert bike patrol spotted the stolen car driving towards Simpson Bay; the officers called in back up and found the car parked in front of Scotia Bank.

When the robber saw the patrol approach he reversed at high speed, almost knocking the officers of their bikes and drove towards Cole Bay.

Several patrols were in the vicinity and one of them attempted in vain to stop the car near the Daily Extra supermarket. At the Kruythoff roundabout the car collided frontally with a car coming from the opposite direction. The robber jumped out of the car and fled on foot.

Police searched the area with dogs but the officers did not find their man. The Special Robbery Unit and the forensic department are investigating the case.

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