Man shot on Front Street

POSTED: 08/19/15 4:52 PM

shootingA police officer searches for bullets and other evidence at the crime scene on Sunday evening. Photo Today / Andrew Dick

St. Maarten – Donavan McCardy (45) arrived at the police station after 8 p.m. on Sunday evening with six gunshot wounds. Police tended to the victim while the ambulance was called for assistance. The shooting took place close to the Klass Electronics alley on Front Street.

The victim is presently at the St. Maarten Medical Center in critical condition. The investigation has started and investigators are waiting for the victim to stabilize in order to question him. Police are mum about the issue for now as they have no idea what took place.

The victim is a mechanic who works at a garage across from Carousel in Simpson Bay. He resides on the island and is known to go to the Philipsburg area in the evening hours. “I can tell you very little: the victim is in critical condition so we have no statement yet. We would like to ask anyone who has more information to come forward or call 9300,” press prosecutor Karola van Nie said yesterday.

“At this time the investigation is ongoing and for now this is the only information available. If anybody has any information about this case, please contact us at 542 22 22 and ask for the detective department,” said Steven Carty, the acting police spokesman. Forensic investigators were busy until 10 p.m. on Sunday evening collecting evidence at the crime scene.

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  1. Sylvie Lawson says:

    The security on the Island is getting worst! Such a shame! On the French side barely any control of the emigration and not enough agent to assure security or just enough to control your drinking level! The Dutch side did some progress but far to be enough. The Economy of this Island is mainly tourism. What does both governments are doing really to save this Magnificent Island which have so much Potential…. Not guarantying the Security will bring St Maarten and St Martin to his Ruin….. The Army would be a good idea to clean this mess! Otherwise you will see less and less tourists and don’t forget you are not the only island to visit! Please wake up and save this Island that we all love so much but will end up to leave if anything is not getting better!