Man shot on A T Illidge road – Another stabbed in Dutch Quarter

POSTED: 01/24/14 3:13 PM

St. Maarten – A man known to police as “Flamingo” was found in Dutch Quarter bleeding from a wound to his upper right arm yesterday shortly after midnight. Police and detectives were sent to the area. He said he had just left home to go out on his scooter and as he reached A T Illidge road he was shot at by several men. One of the shots hit him in his arm, fracturing it and causing him to fall. He ran for cover in nearby bushes, he told police. His attackers then took off on foot.

Flamingo said he couldn’t identify any of the men that shot at him or why they would do it. He was treated on the scene in Dutch Quarter by paramedics and then taken to hospital for further medical care.

Right after the shooting, police and detectives were again sent to Quillitor Drive in Dutch Quarter to investigate a stabbing. A victim, only identified by police as A, said that he had an argument with another man that escalated and got out of hand. The other man then stabbed A twice in the back of his head. He then left the scene.

A was treated by paramedics on location and sent to hospital for further care.

Both incidents, police said, are not related and are being investigated separately by the Detective Department.

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Man shot on A T Illidge road - Another stabbed in Dutch Quarter by

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