Man sentenced for laundering checks

POSTED: 09/7/16 9:40 AM

St.maarten– Martinois Fabio Doralice had to face the music alone in the Court in First Instance yesterday, because court declared the summons of his co-defendant Stephanie S. null and void. The 29-year-old stood trial for fencing and laundering checks worth $3,800.

Doralice spent five days behind bars and that was the exact punishment the court handed down, with 120 hours of community service for good measure. The court set probation at 2 years.

The defendant lost his job as an insurance salesman. His attorney Bonita Hart said that her client is prepared to repay the $3,800 to the injured party, Manrique Capriles and Sons.

The checks were allegedly stolen from this company by a man identified in court as Irish and cashed by Stephanie S. Doralice spent his share in the loot to pay his bills.

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