Man sentenced for biting off ear

POSTED: 10/18/13 2:15 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Francis Clifford on Wednesday to an 8-month conditional prison sentence with 2 years of probation and 58 hours of community service for a drunken fight in a little bar on Arch Road whereby he bit of part of his adversary’s ear. The sentence is on a par with the demand by the prosecution.

Clifford got into an argument with a man over some spilt alcohol. During the struggle the defendant bit his opponent in his ear. “Unintentionally,” according to Clifford.

“This man is mutilated for the rest of his life,” Judge Koos van de Ven said. “Please explain to me how it is possible to bite someone unintentionally. I have never bitten anyone unintentionally.”

Prosecutor  Gonda van der Wulp considered proven that Clifford had caused his adversary intentionally serious bodily harm. “The damage is permanent.” The prosecutor rejected the suggestion that the defendant had acted in self-defense. ”The victim kept up his end, but Clifford sought the confrontation.” She took 92 hours off the 150 hours of community service she had in mind as compensation for the 41 days he spent in preventive custody.

Attorney Shaira Bommel said that the victim was responsible for her client’s mood swing. “This has to lead to a dismissal of prosecution,” she said.

Judge Van de Ven agreed with the prosecution that Clifford had sought the confrontation and rejected the defendant’s claim that he had bitten unintentionally.

Cliffford has also filed a complaint against the victim, because he also sustained injuries. He showed the court a $500 invoice for dental repair work to prove his point.

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