“Man raped one boy at least 15 times”: Demand 6 years against raping basketball coach

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St. Maarten – The prosecution demanded 6 years of imprisonment against self-proclaimed basketball coach Emmanel Y., the president of the St. Maarten Basketball Association for raping two minor boys whom he lured to “dark and deserted places” for one on one training sessions with the promise of a place on a team that would go to the United States. The defendant denied all charges and his attorney Brenda Brooks asked the court to acquit her client. The court will render verdict on January 7.

The charges are that Y. raped a 15-year-old boy on April 2 of this year and that he raped a 17-year-old between August 1 of last year and February 2 of this year at least fifteen times.

One of the boys wanted a Dutch passport and Y. allegedly promised that he could help him. The defendant allegedly approached boys via the (now defunct) Facebook-page sxmsport. “This 49-year-old has been hunting for years via Facebook for sexual contacts with minors on Facebook,” prosecutor Maarten Noordzij told the court.

When the case came to court in September, it was adjourned because there were more complaints about sexual assault by the defendant. Noordzij said that the prosecutor’s office had been forced to drop these cases due to a lack of evidence. “There is however sufficient evidence for rape during a longer period,” he said.

According to the prosecution, Y. presented himself as a sport coach. “He brought his victims in a dependent position and they had to endure that he penetrated them,” Noordzij told the court.

The prosecutor said that, as the president of the local basketball association, Y. was responsible for management and finances, not for coaching. “He manifested himself as a basketball and baseball coach on the sxmsport Facebook page to get in touch with his victims. This is grooming, and he’s been at it for years.”

After Y. established the initial contacts on Facebook, he followed them up with phone calls and invited his victims for private training sessions. That would lead to a place on a team that would go on an exchange program to the United States. The prosecution found however that such an exchange program does not exist. “The only objective was to bring the victims to an isolated location.”

The private training sessions always took place near dusk, when it was getting dark, and at isolated locations like Bishop Hill. According to the prosecution, Y. went running with victim 1 on Bishop Hill, where he ordered the boy at a certain moment to lie down on his back, after which he overpowered and raped him.

There is sufficient supporting evidence, Noordzij said. “There are many witnesses to whom the victim has told his story, and they consistently tell it the same way.”

An examination at the hospital showed that victim 1 had injuries that are consistent with rape. Other indications that something was awry was that the boy took a shower immediately after getting home, while normally it was almost impossible to get him onto the shower. Several witnesses noticed mood changes.

To top it off, there were numerous phone calls from Y. to his victim. According to the boy’s mother, they were of an intimidating nature.

Immediately after the rape on April 2, the victim posted on Y.’s Facebook-page; “You faggot, you gay. I’m gonna kill you.”

The second victim had to endure oral and anal sex and was raped at least fifteen times, Noordzij told the court. The grooming process was the same as the one victim 1 went through. This 17-year-old boy wanted a Dutch passport, and a job at the Coast Guard.

  1. allegedly threatened the boy with dire consequences if he ever dared to tell his mother what had happened between them. “He threatened to publish nude pictures of the boy on Facebook, saying, that he had a brother at the police force who was able to recover erased pictures from his phone,” Noordzij explained.

The defendant also approached a brother of this victim. On Y’s confiscated laptop investigators found internet-searches for gay-related websites.

There is also a statement by a Ms. Holaman that Y. had been transferred to a different position in the civil service in 2001, due to allegations that he had abused minor boys.

Attorney Brenda Brooks asked the court to acquit her client. “He maintains his innocence. He was found guilty from the beginning, but we did not get the opportunity to question witnesses. Referring to the case of victim 1, Brooks said that there were no DNA-traces found matching her client’s profile on his clothing.

The attorney referred to the two boys as “so-called victims” and noted that there are contradictions in the statements made by victim 1. “In case of doubt the court will have to acquit my client,” she said.

“My client maintains that these things did not happen. He did not hold a gun to anybody’s head. I ask you to acquit my client because what we have here is not enough for a conviction.”

Prosecutor Noordzij asked the court to confiscate the defendant’s laptop because it had been instrumental to the alleged crimes. Brooks asked the court to return the laptop, because her client needs it for his work.

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“Man raped one boy at least 15 times”: Demand 6 years against raping basketball coach by

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