Man loses car in roadside fire

POSTED: 06/11/12 12:58 PM

St. Maarten – The elderly driver was still in shock, minutes after his Toyota Corolla was engulfed in flames on an elevated section of Cherry Nut Road in St. Peters yesterday shortly after noon. The man had parked his car on an incline at the side of the road so he could deliver a box of food to an old friend. When he returned he noticed a small fire under the car as he approached.

Even under the dire circumstances, the man still summoned up the courage to remove the car from where it was parked.

“I quickly jumped into the car and put it in reverse down the hill and jumped out quickly,” the still visibly shaken man said.

With the exception of a few documents and a small book, everything else including the shoes he was wearing was destroyed in the car, which was still smoldering when the fire truck arrived on the scene.


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